VAT Therapy Session
w/ Light & Sound Machine

From January 2009 Newsletter

Conducting a VAT Therapy Session using Frequencies in the Sound Table, Mat, Bed or Sound Chair in conjunction with Light Glasses and Headphones connected to a
Light & Sound Machine.

VAT - Vibroacoustic Therapy

  1. Prepare your Sound Table by adjusting the vibration to the proper levels with your amplifiers while the frequencies are playing, then turn off or pause the source of the frequencies. We have found that “less is often more” when using VAT Frequencies. It is not recommended that the VAT frequencies be listened to in headphones.

  2. Prepare your Light & Sound machine by checking the initial Light Glasses and Headphone levels.
  3. Have your client lie down on your Sound Table and get comfortable. A small neck roll or pillow may be used under the neck and knees if absolutely necessary for the comfort of the client.
  4. If the client has never received VAT, explain how long their session will last (normally 20 - 30 minutes for VAT) and that they will be able to feel vibration in the Sound Table. Let them know that if they feel any discomfort it is all right to move a bit or to communicate their discomfort to you.
  5. Turn on the source for the VAT frequencies.
  6. Check with your client to be sure that the vibration can be felt and that it is not too intense. Adjust levels as necessary.
  7. Show the client how to adjust the levels of the Light Classes and headphones and help them to put them on..
  8. Direct the client to take a couple of deep breaths. Their eyes should already be closed if the Light Glasses are running.
  9. After the session lower the level of the frequencies.
  10. Allow the client to become fully awake and when they are ready, have them remove the Light Glasses and Headphones and gently assist your client to a sitting position.

VAT Therapy sessions can be conducted with frequencies only. The VAT frequencies are not meant to be listened to in headphones.

By Stephen Deuel
Managing Director
Inner Soulutions LLC
Member of International Society for VibroAcoustics

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