Provided with the InnerSoul Sound Table, Sound Chair or Sound Mat or Loungers
are your choice of
4 of our VAT (Vibroacoustic Therapy) Frequency CDs.
Choose from the Pain Management, Human Body,
Muscle & Structural or Energy and Balancing Series of
VAT Frequency CDs.

Our Conscious Flight, Deep Inner Peace and Inner Alignment Vibroacoustic Music CDs (VAM) are also included.

Sound Tables, Mats and Chairs require a source for your music or frequencies.
The setup can be as simple as plugging your mp3 player into the amplifier, turning them on,
adjusting the volume and laying or sitting down.
They can also be adapted to use soundboards for mixing voice, instruments, music and frequencies from cds or computers, etc. as well as integrating Light and Sound machines.
We have a great deal of experience and are very willing to share what we know so that you can
accomplish what you desire.

If you need a CD Player:
Sherwood CDC-5506 5 CD Changer  (add $180)
Marantz C5004 Single CD Player (add $330)
Teac CD-P1260 Single CD Player (add $130)

These CD players have volume controlled outputs for attaching headphones
if you should choose to shut out the outside world or use binaural beats while on
your Sound Chair, Mat or Table.

We offer the following Headphones upgrades:

Shure Professional Headphones

SRH440 Professional Studio Headphones (add $124.99)
SRH840 Professional Monitoring Headphones (add $224.99)
SRH940 Professional Reference Headphones (add $309.99)

Unbiased Reviews:

Audio Technica ATH AD700 (add $149.95)
Audio Technica ATH A700 (add $179.95)

We are authorized Shure, Grado and Marantz suppliers.

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