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Sharing information on the use of Vibroacoustics and more June 2005
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  • Sound Massage Interview
  • Vibroacoustic Therapy Case Study
  • Featured Tactile Sound Music CD
  • The newsletter features information on VAT research, music, frequencies and equipment. It will also look at different uses of vibroacoustics including, but not limited to, spa's, massage, physical, sound and music therapists.

    Every Newsletter will have a short article or interview with a therapist who uses a Tactile Sound Massage table in their work. The intent is to share ideas of how their rooms are set up, what music they use, etc. We have lined up a number of practitioners from around the globe who will be sharing information with the rest of the world. If you would also like to share with the group, please conact me by email.

    We will also be sharing information on VAT or Vibroacoustic Therapy. We will be using some of our own case studies as well as Olav Skille's (the Father of Vibroacoustics) and others who are working with VAT.

    Stephen Deuel
    Managing Director
    Inner Soulutions LLC

    Sound Massage Interview
    Jason Boles

    Jason Boles - Jahsah
    The Art of Healing, Sedona, AZ

    • Licensed Massage Therapist
    • 3 rd Level Reiki Master
    • Certified Transformational Healing Practitioner
    • Sound & Energy Practitioner incorporating a Tactile Sound Table,tuning forks, crystal/metal bowls, chimes, rattles,Native flutes, Didgeridoos, drums, crystals, feathers, voice, tones, mantras and sacred geometry.
    • Sacred Fire Keeper

    Q - Jahsah, can you share some of the comments and reactions by your clients in regards to their sessions on your Tactile Sound Table?

    A - I have seen many tears and witnessed great changes in people. I am very blessed to share with others. I am grateful for the opportunities. Cindy from Springfield, IL shares: "From the moment we connected, I knew I was going to experience something very special. Jahsah’s talents are many; his love and comfort great. His gentle guidance has stayed with me and I use it everyday. Nothing has gotten through like this! He is definitely one of my angels!"

    Q - How has owning the sound table changed things for you?

    A - My life has changed. It has opened realms for me to share in ways that I have not before. I have used music in ways that are very powerful. I utilize many genres of music and I have had many personal healing experiences.

    Q - Does the Tactile Sound Table help you do massage?

    A - Yes, the sound table helps to stimulate relaxation in clients. It is an energy that massages the aura, the internal organs and the full body all at the same time.

    Q - What kind of set up do you have with your table?

    A - I have a Peavey PA system that I use. I run 2 CD players, mini disc and tape player through a mixer. I also run my live music through the system. I can play and loop didgeridoo and other instruments through the table and live at the same time. When people have the headphones on I can speak to them with a microphone and adjust the panning (Left and Right speakers). I use Hypno-Peripheral Processing tapes while playing sound healing CD's and can also add positive affirmations sublimely. I am a Cosmic DJ. I have copper tubing around the table and each direction is connected to the element that it goes with. I also have and extensive crystal grid under the table and I use essential oils too.

    Q - What is some of the favorite music you like to use in your Tactile Sound Table with your sessions?

    A - I like the Balance CD, the massage volumes from the Relaxation Company, Unity by Chuck Wild, the DNA Activation by Shapeshifter, Shamanic Healingby Shastro and Ascension Current by Astarius, just to name a few

    Q - Has the sound table increased your client base?

    A - Totally! I also work with a group called Sedona Soul Adventures and they send me many clients. I charge $144 for a 2-hour session. I get less for the SSA sessions, but they do all the advertising and make the arrangements.

    Q - Is there anything else you would like to share with us?

    A - I love you!!! Thank you for the great friendship and product. It is a great tool. It is nice to get to know the person who made it too.

    Thank you Jahsah and thank you so much for your time and sharing with us today. You can reach Jahsah in Sedona AZ at 928 282 LOVE (5683) or through his website at www.jahsah.com

    Vibroacoustic Therapy Case Study

    Inner Soulutions Case Study #04

    A retired, female client came into the study with chronic pain from Fibromyalgia. The client has remarked an immediate change within a couple of areas starting after the first session. Her 30 minute sessions have utilized VAT frequencies (My Fibro) within the tactile sound table. Her immediate concern was to address the pain and over the series of sessions she has noticed continuous improvement to the reduction of her pain and an increase to her mobility. To her unexpected delight, she also noticed a positive change in her emotional outlook. After the very first session, there was a calmness within that has increased with each session. They other aspect of the treatment has been the ability to deal with life stress much easier. The addition of a VAT pillow to address her spastic colon condition was added to her sessions. It utilized a Colon Frequencies and is also proving effective comfort.

    Featured Tactile Sound Music CD

    Chuck Wild - Liquid Mind

    This is an excellent CD for use in the Tactile Sound Tables and is wonderful for massage, stress release and relaxation.

    From the Artist

    I originally wrote the music of Liquid Mind to help myself and my friends and family dealing with the anxiety & stress of working long hours and many jobs to support their families, and also for friends and family dealing with the stress of life-threatening illnesses like cancer & HIV. The Liquid Mind albums seem to have an immediate "slowing down" effect on the listener, and may also help people get to sleep, and calm down after a tension-filled day. The ultimate compliment to me is that people fall asleep or deeply relax to my music. This is functional music, it serves the purpose of assisting us to be tranquil, when that may not be easy in today's world. That is why the compositions are longer than normal, and very slow in tempo. This music is very special to me, it is my labor of love, I hope you enjoy it.

    About the Artist

    Los Angeles composer and producer Chuck Wild was born in Kansas City, Missouri, trained for twelve years primarily in classical piano, and sang in a capella groups and choirs starting at the age of six. He studied music history and sang with the university choir while earning a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration at the University of Kansas. Four years followed as a Lieutenant in the U.S. Navy, after which Chuck moved to Los Angeles in 1979 and became synthesist for Capitol Records group Missing Persons. For the next four years, he recorded and toured internationally with the band. In 1985, Chuck began an extended period of songwriting and composition, and has written over 100 songs and compositions, more than 60 of which have now been recorded for albums or for use in television and film. The Pointer Sisters, Tommy Page, Timothy Leary, Wink, Jennifer Rush, Thelma Houston, Glen Medeiros and Philip Bailey are some of the artists who have recorded Wild's songs. While a staff songwriter at Lorimar Telepictures, Chuck co-composed music with Michael Hoenig for the emmy-winning ABC series Max Headroom. In 1992, his first classical composition for two pianos, Los Angeles Fantasy was premiered by Zita Carno and Gloria Ching at the Bing Theater in Los Angeles. The same year, Wild co-scored the Academy Award winning film The Panama Deception. Over the last twenty years, Chuck has lent his sonic programming and studio talents on the synthesizer to projects with Michael Jackson, Paula Abdul, Missing Persons, Philip Bailey, Frank Zappa, and many other artists.

    Album Description

    Liquid Mind IV: Unity, the fourth in Liquid Mind's elegant electronic series of slow relaxation music albums, takes the listener to a place of deep tranquility. This peaceful album is used by parents to help quiet hyperactive children, to assist themselves in going back to sleep in the middle of a difficult night, to relieve the stress of a busy day at a computer terminal, and for meditation. The absence of regular rhythm in the music allows a level of relaxation not achievable by more active music.

    Like the previous albums (Liquid Mind III: Balance, Slow World and Ambience Minimus), Liquid Mind IV: Unity is graceful, gentle, and healing. This music is designed to help you relax deeply, during meditation, rest, or in times of stress. Liquid Mind is the name used by Los Angeles composer Chuck Wild for his series of stress relief music albums.

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