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    This issue of the newsletter features an interview with Ludo Vanhees, owner of Anicca Relaxation, a spa in Windhoek, Namibia, Africa, the second installment of a new article by Olav Skille on Vibroacoustic Therapy and Its Effect on Various Populations, as well as the featured CD of the month that is excellent in the Tactile Sound Tables.

    We were very busy last month and are combining the September - October newsletter.

    Every Newsletter will have a short article or interview with a therapist or spa who uses a Tactile Sound Massage table in their work. The intent is to share ideas of how their rooms are set up, what music they use, etc. We have lined up a number of practitioners from around the globe who will be sharing information with the rest of the world. If you would also like to share with the group, please conact me by email.

    Stephen Deuel
    Managing Director
    Inner Soulutions LLC

    Sound Massage Interview
    Table with connectors

    Ludo Vanhees

    Spa Anicca Relaxation, Namibia, Africa

    • Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue, Relaxing Oil Massage (emotional), Indian Head, Neck and Shoulder Massage, Chair Massage, Oriental Hand and Foot Massage, Four Hands Massage
    • Traditional Thai, Reflexology and Rei-flexology, Consultations with Bach Flower Remedies, Kinesiology…

    Q - Ludo can you share some of the comments and reactions by your clients in regards to their sessions on the Tactile Sound Table?

    A - Without exception the clients tell me that the experience of the massage is felt on a deeper level. The sound penetrates the body in a subtle way and generates a feeling of deeper relaxation. Clients who have problems relaxing relax far better on the Vibroacoustic Tactile Sound Massage Table.

    I have experimented with and without the sound during the massage. If it is on and I switch it off during the massage the client’s immediate reaction is to ask me to turn it on again. If the sound is off during a session, they will report to me they could feel the difference between the music being on (from a previous session) or off and they prefer their massage with the sound table on.

    Q - How has owning the Tactile Sound Table changed things for you?

    A - In my practice I had a need to add something to some massages, especially when people have problems in relaxing or have gone through a difficult emotional time. I believe the answer to that was the Vibroacoustic Tactile Sound Massage Table. First, before I knew about such a table, I was looking in possibilities to send sound through the table via strings. However the technical implications were too difficult to apply. Searching on the Internet I discovered the existence of Vibroacoustic Massage tables. The idea was very appealing to me. Since I have made use of the table, I, along with other practitioners, feel that the massage session is more complete. The Vibroacoustic Tactile Sound Massage Table adds a dimension to the massage that is difficult to get without it. Also, for the practitioner the ‘connection or communication’ with the client is stronger.

    Q - Ludo, what type of bodywork / modalities do you do and how does the sound table help you do that work?

    A - I am more specialized in emotions and ‘letting go’. It is in that capacity that I often make use of the table. Many of my clients do have emotional issues and it seems that the table ‘speeds’ the healing. It helps the person to center him or herself, to get ‘in touch’ with Self more easily. I have used the table successfully with clients who have lost their child or spouse (of course in combination with consultations). Also, to have just a nice massage experience the table will help to relax the client easier and to intensify the experience of the massage. I do feel it also has a positive effect on the practitioner.

    Q - Ludo, at the Spa, what kind of setup do you have with your table?

    A - I found that a surround system works really well with the table. I have a set up with speakers installed in the ceiling, the sound ‘drops’ on the client. The Vibroacoustic Table produces sound from under the table, the client feels as if in a ‘cocoon’ swimming in the music. In my opinion a surrounding sound in combination with the sound from the table is the ideal solution for me.

    Q - What music do you like to use?

    A - The music will depend on the state of the client. I will always see to it that the music chosen is music that is carried well through the table. I call it VAT- friendly music. In my practice I like to work with environmental music, soothing classic music and more adventurous music such as the Buddha Bar.

    Q - Have you found that the sound table has helped to increase your Client base?

    A - I would say that more people are requesting a massage with the Vibroacoustic Table. It indeed has increased my client base.

    Q - Ludo, is there anything else you would like to share with us?

    A - I would suggest combining with aromas to intensify the experience and to help to speed up the healing process. I would as well like to say that the table has had a very positive influence on my practice… people talk. Oh and on a side note, I gave a massage with the vibroacoustic Tactile Sound Table to the actor Danny Glover (Lethal Weapon/ Color Purple) who is now in Namibia for a movie. He enjoyed it greatly.


    Ludo, thank you so much for your time and for sharing with us today. You can reach Ludo Vanhees through his email at Spa Anicca.

    Vibroacoustic Therapy
    Part 2 of An Article by Olav Skille
    Levanger, Norway
    July 17, 2005

    Tactile Sound Massage Table

    Vibroacoustic Therapy and Its Effect on Various Populations - Part 2

    Introduction: The first experiences with VAT, as we know it today, were carried out in 1980 when I was working as headmaster of a school for multiply handicapped, mentally retarded children. 1987 - 1990 I ran a clinic which offered VAT to clients who came to the clinic because of various complaints, some of them were referred to VAT by their physicians.

    From 1980 until today the method has spread out to different institutions, and now VAT is used to improve the life quality of persons suffering from a wide variety of complaints and handicaps. On the following pages I will try to describe how we have approached some defined conditions. Most results come from my own work, or the work of my assistants, but I also include results described in reports from professionals (nurses, doctors, physiotherapists, teachers in special education, psychologists and music therapists) in Norway and other countries.

    The conditions treated by VAT differ considerably from the conditions, which traditionally are treated by Music Therapy and Music Medicine, as we know them today. As VAT has a direct physical effect on the whole human body - and virtually has an effect on each single cell in the organism, it is natural that we can observe effects which cannot be observed, or can only be traced, when we use auditively transferred musical stimuli.

    Decubitus ulcers

    The low frequency sound massage of VAT permits vibration (massage) also of the ulcerated areas and the tissues beneath the sores. VAT is used 1 - 2 times per day for 1 - 2 months - or until the desired effect is obtained. Traditional medical therapy of the lesion must be continued also during the period when VAT is used.

    One should choose music that is agreeable to the patient. Frequencies between 35 and 45 Hz seem to give the best results.

    Cerebral Palsy

    Both clonic and tonic spasms will usually be significantly reduced when VAT is used. It is important that the patient is gradually introduced to the therapy and the amplitude levels and frequencies that prove to have the best effects. VAT has seldom been used alone, but the spasmolytic effects have been used to facilitate other therapies, as physiotherapy and pedagogically motivated activities.

    We have avoided use of rhythmic music and have tried to use harmonically and melodically calming music in combination with frequencies in the 40 and 60 Hz area. The effects have been surprisingly good - especially in combination with physiotherapy during the VAT session.

    Recent experiences, however, have indicated that also Rock and R&B music have a similar, spasmolytic effect, when we treat young CP patients with normal intelligence and social functions. The same choice of frequencies is used.

    Reduced blood circulation, cold hands and feet

    VAT supplies all tissues in the body with low frequency sound vibration - having an effect on cells comparable with the effect of massage. VAT penetrates the whole body, and gives the same kind of harmonizing massage to all parts of the body. The general spasmolytic effect will usually produce vasodilation, which may increase the blood flow to the affected areas.

    We usually use relaxing music and choose frequencies in the 40 - 52 Hz area.

    This is part 2 of an article which will be continued in upcoming newsletter issues.


    Featured Tactile Sound Music CD

    Abundance Series: ReJuva

    Shapeshifter / Visionary Music

    Music Style: Electronic Ambient with some light vocal chanting, lots of modulations and movement to awaken the Body Temple to a higher level of multidimensional Lightbody awareness. Excellent for sound tables, home theatres and headphones.

    We used this new CD in our Energetic Sacred Geometry Workshop this past weekend. It is excellent in our Tactile Sound Massage Tables and also excellent for personal growth. We have been working with Shapeshifter's music for over 5 years and are constantly impressed and amazed at the ability of their music to help us to grow along our chosen paths. We often use their music in our Vibrational Technologies sessions in the sound table in our home and both our clients and students have had wonderful experiences with it.

    Click here to go to Visionary Music for more info on the CDs, MP3 samples and downloads or to order.

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